Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist @gcamwilstudio and digital marketing consultant @cerebrummg sharing thoughts on the creative process and fundamental ways to grow your business.

Garett “GCAMWIL” Campbell-Wilson is a multidisciplinary artist, creative entrepreneur, and private art instructor based in Vancouver, British Columbia. His art has caught the eye of collectors and touched the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide through his fresh and unique approach to creating art that is provocative, engaging, and a feast for your eyes.

Garett began as an experiential and self-taught artist starting from the early age of 5. He later received formal training through private apprenticeships and attended a Vancouver-based art academy for creatively gifted youngsters called Arts Umbrella: School of Art, Design, Dance, Theatre, Music & Film.

In 2003, Garett’s pre-secondary art portfolio earned him a $28,000 scholarship to attend the Lesley University College of Art + Design in Boston, Massachusetts (formerly known as AIB: The Art Institute of Boston), where he graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications with the dean’s honors.

Variety is key in Garett’s creative process and he finds it important to resist becoming restricted to one style or way of working. He also believes in the importance of learning to communicate with creatives in alternative disciplines for the purpose of collaboration.

Garett’s multidisciplinary approach to creating artwork integrates mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, design, digital, and film. He creates conversation pieces where viewers may enter into dialogue sharing their multiple perspectives. GCAMWIL gains inspiration from nature, observation, and tapping into all the senses. The connection of mind, body, and spirit is essential to his creative process.

In 2007, upon returning to Vancouver after graduating from university, Garett established GCAMWIL STUDIO which since has created original works of art, design, and sculpture for residential and corporate clients, galleries, and museums. GCAMWIL has been commissioned to create custom original artwork, graphic design, and video production for clients such as Starbucks, Absolut Vodka, and more.

In 2012, to further diversify the depth of his career in the arts, Garett started the GCAMWIL Art Academy around his passion for arts education and has privately taught students of all ages in courses such as: Drawing from Observation, Human Anatomy, Perspective Drawing, Mixed-media Painting, Landscape Painting, and Experimental Video.

In 2014, Garett became a co-founder of Cerebrum Marketing Group, where As a practitioner of many disciplines he is able to bridge his creative and analytical skill-set to the advertising and marketing industry in an unconventional way that attracts clients who are looking to “think outside the box” and explore cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Interview with Garett Campbell-Wilson on the Alby Living Life Podcast

Garett has produced both interior and exterior design projects utilizing the latest print technology to provide long-lasting and durable industrial prints on materials such as glass, metal, wood, ceramics, and more.

Garett continues to exhibit his works of art in numerous locations around the world (Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Brazil, and the United States), in which recent museum exhibitions include the Museum of Vancouver and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Today, Garett Campbell-Wilson lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

About Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist @gcamwilstudio and digital marketing consultant @cerebrummg sharing thoughts on the creative process, technology, and fundamental ways to grow your business.

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Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson

Artist @gcamwilstudio Co-Founder & President @cerebrummg Entrepreneur sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing, and smart ways to grow your business.