Today, we’re going to dive into how to start a profitable Customer Database, but before I jump into the details check out the latest Episode One of The Locally Delicious Podcast. In this episode, I interview Nat Bastone, who is the co-owner of Nat’s New York Pizzeria, which has been my favourite pizza joint in Vancouver, BC for many years now. Nat’s a true homegrown inspiration to the Kitsilano Community which is why I’m curious to pick his brains about how to build a successful restaurant, and what it takes to survive as an entrepreneur in the food & beverage industry.

I also encourage you to follow Tasty Local Eats USA & Tasty Local Eats Canada. It’s a food & beverage community that Keith (my business partner) and I created back in March 2020 right after the world went into lockdown. The purpose of this resource is to help businesses in the food & beverage industry pivot, survive, and thrive — it’s just a fun place to connect, talk about food, and learn about the best places to eat on both sides of the border of Washington State & British Columbia.

Moving forward, I’m going to share how you can quickly and easily start building an asset for your business, in the form of a database of your customers that you can monetize anytime you choose. If at any time, you feel this would be too much work for you, then book an appointment with my team so we can take that off your plate for you.


As a marketing consultant, my goal is to empower every business owner I come across with comprehensive training, strategy, and resources so that you can land and retain customers with consistency and predictability.

Let’s get into it!

A Customer Database offers exclusive rewards to your most loyal customers, thus giving them more reasons to come back and spend more money in your business. A customer database, when done correctly, will make your customers feel special and identify even more with your brand.

I’m going to break down how to start a Customer Database into 3 phases, which are:

  1. Pre-Phase

2. Building Phase

3. Marketing Phase

Let’s talk about the Pre-Phase.


During your pre-phase, you’re going to establish a goal and provide your existing and new customers with an irresistible offer. Getting started right is the most pivotal part of starting a Customer Database.

If you’re a business owner reading this, not only will you have to be 100% behind the process, but you’ll need to make sure that your staff is fully committed and aware of the process as well.

The goal here is to build a list and then market to that list. The way you start will set the tone for the process and this is something that you should be excited about.

You’ll need to push hard for approximately 2–3 months until your customer database starts to gather momentum.

ESTABLISH A GOAL — Next, you’ll want to establish a goal. For example, let’s say you have 1,000 unique customers, your goal should be to get at least 500 subscribers into your database over the next 30–45 days.

ESTABLISH AN OFFER FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN — Next, you’ll want to provide your potential subscribers with an irresistible offer. This would be what goes out to your customers when they text or call to join, scan a QR code or fill out a form to become a part of your Smart Customer Database.

The offer should be compelling. It should sell itself. Make it simple, immediate, and generous. Let’s take a restaurant, for example, your offer could be a free dessert, free appetizer, free drink, or 15% off the bill, etc.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL — Next, you’ll want to start thinking about creating table tents, posters, and other types of promotional material.

This is a convenient and stationary promotional resource that will show the details about your offer and a place for customers to get information about joining your Customer Database.

Once your promotional material is created and printed, you’ll want to place this everywhere in and around your place of business.


During the building phase, you will focus on 30–60 days of aggressive promotion with a subscriber goal. It’s important that you monitor and track results.

During this phase, you’re strictly building your list of customers by gathering their contact information.

Strategies include placing table tents throughout your business, adding a sign-up form to your website, and on your social media platforms.

Also, you should provide training to employees who will be interacting with customers on a daily basis on how to subscribe and how to talk about your Smart Customer Database.

You’ll want to continuously monitor this list and really be accountable for results. You will also need to track redemptions, schedule out offers, and repeat.


In this phase, you will be sending out offers to your list and I’ll show you the best practices for those messages. Next, let’s talk about sending out offers.

You’ll want to start actively marketing 2–3 times per month and within about 2-weeks you should see some good traction starting to take place. If subscribers are slow coming in, be sure to promote more aggressively and ensure your staff is following the game plan.

Let’s talk about the message itself. The best practice for the messages that you will be sending out is to put your business name in all caps then get right into the offer and exclude any jargon. Give a clear call to action and apply scarcity like “Today Only!” and “Running out soon!”


Cerebrum Connect will automatically do all the heavy lifting for your business. You don’t have to manually track redemptions. Smart Social Offers are touchless, something that will be appreciated by your customers. All they have to do is just to show the coupon on their phone.

You will have the ability to predictably generate revenues on demand. You will also have a fast and convenient communication platform to notify your customers of things that are happening in your business. Cerebrum Connect will encourage your customers to return more often, spend more money, tell their friends, and keep your business top of mind.

Cerebrum Connect can deliver to you what every business needs and wants: growth in revenues.

Once again, if you’re a business owner and don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to build your own customer database, then let my team at Cerebrum Marketing Group take that off your plate with Cerebrum Connect.😉

Request your demo today! Text ‘CONNECT’ to 778–770–5809 📲


Signing off. This is Garett Campbell-Wilson (aka GCAMWIL) and I look forward to sharing more helpful marketing and advertising tips in future articles, videos, and podcasts.

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and like button and stay tuned for my future articles. It would mean a lot to me if you would spread the love and share this with someone you know who can benefit from reading this article.

Thanks for reading! 🙏🏾

Take care of yourselves.

See you in Digi.

About Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist @gcamwilstudio and digital marketing consultant @cerebrummg sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing strategies, and smart ways to grow your business.



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Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson

Artist @gcamwilstudio Co-Founder & President @cerebrummg Entrepreneur sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing, and smart ways to grow your business.