How To Build Loyalty With Your New & Existing Customers


Garett Campbell-Wilson
4 min readMar 9, 2022


The Loyalty Campaign built within Cerebrum Connect allows you to keep track of customer spending, and then based on how much a customer spends in your business, you can reward them with a Smart Social Offer. You can also reward them based on the number of redemptions of offers that they have claimed.

Cerebrum Connect can keep track of how many offers your customers have claimed. Based on their loyalty as measured by the number of social offers redeemed, the system can be set to automatically reward them with another smart social coupon offer!

In addition, when a customer pays at the register upon checkout, they can ‘check-in’ by scanning a QR Code on a table tent by the register or texting a code, and the system will send them a smart social offer that will automatically expire in 5 days, to encourage them to revisit your business.

Tracking your customer’s check-ins, is a form of “digital punch card” which eliminates the need for a physical punch card and is very well received in our current contactless society. The way you can use this is by rewarding your customers with another coupon after 10 or so check-ins.

Another spin and this play that I like to use is to structure ‘Tiered Offers’. What that means is that your customers can be rewarded based on milestones achieved.

For example, let’s set a “master goal”, where Cerebrum Connect can track your customers based on a spend of, let’s say, $500.

The moment they spend $500 with you, they’re able to get a generous offer such as a “free haircut” if you’re a hair salon, or “dinner for two” if you’re a restaurant.

Cerebrum Connect can also set a milestone, that when they reach just half their goal, of just $250, you can reward them with let’s say, a lesser reward, such as in the case of a restaurant example: “a free appetizer”.

As you can see, there are a couple of different ways to Engage the Power of a Loyalty Campaign to help you generate more revenue by getting your customers to visit your business more frequently.


Cerebrum Connect will automatically do all the heavy lifting for your business. You don’t have to manually track redemptions. Smart Social Offers are touchless and a benefit that will be appreciated by your customers.

You will have the ability to predictably generate revenues on demand. You will also have a fast and convenient communication platform to notify your customers of things that are happening in your business. Cerebrum Connect will encourage your customers to return more often, spend more money and tell their friends and keep your business top of mind.

Cerebrum Connect can deliver to you what every business needs and wants: growth in revenues.

Once again, if you’re a business owner and don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to build your own customer database, then let my team at Cerebrum Marketing Group take that off your plate with Cerebrum Connect.😉

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