How To Use A Referral Marketing Campaign To Generate New Customers


Garett Campbell-Wilson
4 min readMar 9, 2022


The Referral Campaign is used to generate new customers and top-of-mind awareness. You can structure a campaign that incentivizes subscribers to refer your business to their friends and family to get free offers. You can even advertise or promote this to your followers on social media.

In this campaign, every VIP member or new customer that signs up to be a VIP Club member is equipped with their own unique referral link. When they send this link out to their family, friends, and associates, it will lead to a signup form for them to join your VIP Club.

Cerebrum Connect will track their referrals and notify them of their progress.

Tip: You can even advertise or promote this to your followers on social media which will drive even more referrals.

Once the new referral signs up, Cerebrum Connect will know that a customer of yours has taken action and referred a person to sign up. Once the VIP member reaches the desired goal of 10 referrals, the system will automatically send them a text message and email with a link to the reward, for referring the required number of referrals.

There are a lot of cool marketing campaigns that come from using referral marketing and you’re going to quickly see how small incremental numbers will compound over time using all the various plays I’ve laid out in the article.


Cerebrum Connect will automatically do all the heavy lifting for your business. You don’t have to manually track redemptions. Smart Social Offers are touchless and a benefit that will be appreciated by your customers.

You will have the ability to predictably generate revenues on demand. You will also have a fast and convenient communication platform to notify your customers of things that are happening in your business. Cerebrum Connect will encourage your customers to return more often, spend more money and tell their friends and keep your business top of mind.

Cerebrum Connect can deliver to you what every business needs and wants: growth in revenues.

Once again, if you’re a business owner and don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to build your own customer database, then let my team at Cerebrum Marketing Group take that off your plate with Cerebrum Connect.😉

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