by Garett Campbell-Wilson

I must emphasize that this is one of the main offers that you should be leading with to continue generating new and existing customers in your local area.

Here’s what it looks like and what I want you to pay attention to is not just “the offer”, but instead, focus on the overall system.

Now, this is a social media offer that has automated follow-up messages aimed at getting new customers and is used to generate more customers & visibility.

First of all, you want to promote it on all your social channels, for example, your Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business Listing as a post, as well as your physical location if you have one.

Keep in mind that these are typically campaigns that you would run for a few weeks, changing up the offer periodically.

Let’s imagine the following example is for a restaurant:

As a restaurant owner, I suggest boosting your posted offers. By boosting I mean running the post as an ad.

The post description will entice local consumers to click on the link in the ad, which leads them to the signup form so that they can get their “FREE appetizer…” with the purchase of another item.

Who doesn’t want that? People love FREE!

When they fill out the form, we capture the data, now they’re in your VIP Members Club and you can market to them ongoing and in numerous ways, while also greatly reducing your advertising cost.

Here’s the cool part. After they sign up, they will start receiving the built-in automated text and email messages that will continue to promote to them your Smart Social Offer.

You’ll be able to ‘stay in their back pocket’ and this has proven to greatly increase the redemption rate. What makes it convenient is your social offer will be on their phones, therefore they will never lose your smart social offer.

The smart logic built into Cerebrum Connect knows when your offer has been redeemed and will stop any further messages from going out.

From there, you can also automatically trigger other messages to go out once an offer has been redeemed to motivate further action from your list, such as sharing new promotions, running surveys, building your reviews, and more.

Here’s an example message: “We greatly appreciate your business, and it would mean a lot to us if you would give us your feedback on your experience to help us increase our reviews”.

This works extremely well to build reviews and your reputation.

Once they have provided their feedback or left you a review, Cerebrum Connect can issue another offer to them via both text and email thanking them for leaving a review by saying: “We would love to see you again so, here’s another offer valid for 7 days”.

This is a very effective way to get your customers to come back more often and spend more money!

A lot of times when businesses advertise, it’s not even about how many customers it’s generating. Many businesses blindly spend money just to be remembered and not forgotten about. Top-of-mind awareness is typically their focus. However, what they really want is a way to consistently generate new customers and get their existing customers to come back more often with predictability.

We’re in an age now where being able to offer a touchless marketing experience is what your customers are looking for. Everyone is living on their phone and consumers are receptive to receiving digital offers from their favorite local businesses.

I’ve seen franchises try and attempt to do this on social media, but they have no follow-up system. It’s like throwing money away. It still works. However, it is not as effective as a Smart Social Offer.

Also, when a business owner is ready to start growing their database, they typically don’t have the proper systems behind it to make it sustainable. It becomes too much busywork, and a business will simply stop doing it, although they know deep down inside that they need it.

It’s easy to procrastinate on this but the cost of NOT doing it is far greater.

In future articles, I’ll teach you how to position these types of offers and how to run the ads. You’ll need to use a social offer as the main incentive for subscribers to join your VIP Members Club.

In this article, I’m mainly using a restaurant as a means of illustrating the concept, but keep in mind that these fundamentals can be used in any type of business because ALL businesses need new and returning customers.

So, in this next example, when your business is VIP Ready, you’ll want to consider a “generous” offer.

Question You Should Ask: “What’s a very generous offer that you can put on a table tent, or on some poster boards, and any other marketing material throughout your business?”

If you’re a restaurant owner, you might say: “Ok, let’s give them a free appetizer…”

For example: “Come into Joe’s Pizza and get 10% off your meal when you join our VIP Club today!”

This same offer will do well when advertised to people throughout your community who may have never visited your place of business.

This same offer will do well if you have it as the link on your Instagram and your Google My Business as a social post.

That same offer will do well on a simple flyer that your business could put in your retail shopping bags upon checkout or your to-go bags for customers picking up from your restaurant. See where I’m going with this?

These are ways that you can take one social offer and give it life! It can be leveraged in multiple areas and it all feeds into building your list of VIP customers.

Tip: When people google your business, they will see your social posts, but I’ve observed that many businesses aren’t leveraging social posting on their Google My Business and are therefore missing out on that traffic.


Cerebrum Connect will automatically do all the heavy lifting for your business. You don’t have to manually track redemptions. Smart Social Offers are touchless and a benefit that will be appreciated by your customers.

You will have the ability to predictably generate revenues on demand. You will also have a fast and convenient communication platform to notify your customers of things that are happening in your business. Cerebrum Connect will encourage your customers to return more often, spend more money and tell their friends and keep your business top of mind.

Cerebrum Connect can deliver to you what every business needs and wants: growth in revenues.

Once again, if you’re a business owner and don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to build your own customer database, then let my team at Cerebrum Marketing Group take that off your plate with Cerebrum Connect.😉

Want to request a demo? Text ‘CONNECT’ to 778–770–5809 📲


Signing off. This is Garett Campbell-Wilson (aka GCAMWIL) and I look forward to sharing more helpful marketing and advertising tips in future articles, videos, and podcasts.

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and like button and stay tuned for my future articles. It would mean a lot to me if you would spread the love and share this with someone you know who can benefit from reading this.

Thanks for reading! 🙏🏾

Take care of yourselves.

See you in Digi.

About Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist @gcamwilstudio and digital marketing consultant @cerebrummg sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing strategies, and smart ways to grow your business.



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Garett Campbell-Wilson

Garett Campbell-Wilson

Artist @gcamwilstudio Co-Founder & President @cerebrummg Entrepreneur sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing, and smart ways to grow your business.