Hello Everyone, thanks for your interest in reading this article. By doing so, you’re making a tremendous decision to invest in the growth of your business.

Before I jump into the topic of how to dominate your marketing this year, check out the latest episode of The Locally Delicious Podcast. In this episode, I interview Chef Lynda Larouche, who is the co-owner of the Argo Cafe, which has been open since 1954 making it one of the oldest restaurants in Vancouver, BC. We discuss the restaurant business, how to brand your restaurant, and what it takes to survive in the restaurant industry.

I also encourage you to follow Tasty Local Eats USA & Tasty Local Eats Canada. It’s a food & beverage community that Keith (my business partner) and I created back in March 2020 right after the world went into lockdown. The purpose of this resource is to help businesses in the food & beverage industry pivot, survive, and thrive — it’s just a fun place to connect, talk about food, and learn about the best places to eat on both sides of the border of Washington State & British Columbia.

If you read my last article about how to take ownership of your online traffic, you’ll know that the team and I at Cerebrum Marketing Group provide a service called Cerebrum Connect designed to help business owners generate new customers and encourage their existing customers to come back more often.


I’m going to keep the concepts extremely simple because when considering any marketing strategy: Simplicity is key.

When you can have simplicity throughout your customer acquisition process and sales cycle, it makes the value extremely clear. It allows you to see how simple it can be to take control of your online traffic, driving more revenue into your business, even without having a massive social media following.

I can’t tell you how many times I see businesses paying at least $500+ a month to do local couponing and fail to produce the best ROI for their marketing dollars.

Why? It’s because most businesses are not capturing visitors’ information to build their database of customers and they also do not have a system to incorporate smart follow-ups into their marketing strategy.

If you’re currently running a business without building a list, at some point you’ll have to re-invest more advertising dollars to reach those lost customers again & again.

It doesn’t have to be that way, so let’s fix that.

Building a database of customers gives your business the opportunity to remarket to your customers on-demand, which is why today’s article is based on fundamental marketing principles…and I say ‘principles’ for a reason. I remember this quote from a long time ago:

“Techniques, methods, tactics, trends, and even strategies may change, but principles remain constant.”

At Cerebrum Marketing Group, we understand that marketing is not a one-off process but requires systems that build or stack on top of each other by design, to provide predictable sustained revenue growth over time. Cerebrum Connect’s 7 core acquisition plays are designed to accomplish just that.

This is a framework that you can plug and play to get both existing and new customers to spend more money at your business anytime you want.

So, let’s get into it. We’re going to enable specific tools that can operate in the background of your business that allow you to reap the benefits of growing your customer database.


Cerebrum Connect is a Customer Frequency Enhancing System that helps you to stay top of mind, build brand loyalty, and drive more revenue into your business.

It is also an efficient and reliable way of letting your audience know what’s happening in your business, for example, you might be hiring staff, announcing new products/services, changing hours of operation, etc.

A “Customer Frequency Enhancing System” is a system that does three things:

  1. It helps your business generate new customers on-demand and on a consistent and predictable basis.
  2. It encourages existing customers & new customers to come back more often.
  3. It provides your business with a quick and reliable means of communication with your customers.

When you have these three functions working together in your business, you have a customer frequency enhancing system that runs on autopilot.

This entire article is simply a playbook of multiple ways that will generate ‘new customers’ or get ‘existing customers’ to take action when you need their traffic and will enable you as a business owner to continuously increase your value per customer.

My goal today is to share the seven methods of the system, to help reframe your understanding of ‘how’ and ‘why’ you’re posting on social media. It’s likely that you haven’t tapped into the full power of your social media platforms yet and there is so much more you can do to take control of your online traffic.

No matter what business you’re in, you’ll notice that the strategies I’m laying out in this playbook will help any business owner, whether you’re a retail store, hair salon, a local restaurant, a spa, a massage studio, a car wash, etc.

All the plays built with Cerebrum Connect are built on the foundation of 7 fundamental marketing principles and are designed to leverage your existing customers to become your marketing army.

As you can imagine, having all these boots on the ground is going to get you more business because building word-of-mouth is an important part of your online and offline business identity.

Word-of-mouth has always been a good way to build a business. However, in the age of social media, consumers rely on what others are saying about your business online, more than what you say about your business.


Let’s talk about how you can get your business “exclusive member” ready. I want you to imagine yourself building a list of all your new and existing customers and having them in a system that you can use to communicate with them any time that you choose.

The first step to building your customer database, is we need to capture customer information such as an email, name, phone number, and optionally, a birthday or an anniversary. From there, we’re going to do some cool stuff with this information.

With that said, let’s talk about the actual deliverable, and with anything marketing-related, we need to provide an incentive, because times have changed.

Customers realize that their information has value and are not willing to give it up unless they are receiving something in return.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you have a restaurant. So, your guest walks in to place an order for a slice of pizza, and the server asks:

Server: “Have you joined our Exclusive Members Club yet?”

Guest: “No, I haven’t. What do I get if I do?”

Server: “When you sign up, we’ll send an offer for FREE cheesy bread directly to you via text and email that you can show on your phone to a server next time you come in.” 😋

You’ll need a clear incentive that can be positioned as ‘the hook’ of your campaign.

So, we’re going to create an offer as part of your ‘Main Social Offer Campaign’ and put it all over social media!

This is what we consider a passive list builder which, for example, will exist as a web link, a description on your Instagram, a post on your Google My Business listing, a button on your Facebook page, and everywhere that can be used to drive someone to your signup form.

These days, especially in the age of online delivery services (Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash), there are many opportunities to encourage subscriptions to your Exclusive Members Club. Using the plays I’m teaching, you can put a call to action on all your promotional marketing materials: in take-out bags, on your existing packaging, on your business card, and on a simple flyer to say “Hey, thanks for your business! You get a FREE offer when you join our Exclusive Members Club”.


The goal of building your Exclusive Members Club using Cerebrum Connect is to always keep your business “exclusive member ready” and passively drive in customers. To do this, let’s focus on the two plays you’ll need in order to drive customers in and increase sales:

  1. New Customer Frequency Play
  2. Existing Customer Frequency Play

The best practice is to have both plays implemented at least once or twice per month. This will create a consistent flow of new and existing customers and provide top-of-mind awareness in your local community.

Cerebrum Connect will manage the integration of these methods to continuously drive new customers into your business.

Once you have implemented all the different plays built into Cerebrum Connect, you’ll have a comprehensive approach to planning your marketing for the months and years to come.

As your list is growing, the only thing you need to do is make simple edits to your campaigns and special offers of the month.

Next, let’s talk about how to get your audience excited about joining your Exclusive Members Club and receiving offers and promotions from your business!


I must emphasize that this is one of the main offers that you should be leading with to continue generating new and existing customers in your local area.

Here’s what it looks like and what I want you to pay attention to is not just “the offer”, but instead, focus on the overall system.

Now, this is a social media offer that has automated follow-up messages aimed at getting new customers and is used to generate more customers & visibility.

First of all, you want to promote it on all your social channels, for example, your Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business Listing as a post, as well as your physical location if you have one.

Keep in mind that these are typically campaigns that you would run for a few weeks, changing up the offer periodically.

Let’s imagine the following example is for a restaurant:

As a restaurant owner, I suggest boosting your posted offers. By boosting I mean running the post as an ad.

The post description will entice local consumers to click on the link in the ad, which leads them to the signup form so that they can get their “FREE appetizer…” with the purchase of another item.

Who doesn’t want that? People love FREE!

When they fill out the form, we capture the data, now they’re in your Exclusive Members Club and you can market to them ongoing and in numerous ways, while also greatly reducing your advertising cost.

Here’s the cool part. After they sign up, they will start receiving the built-in automated text and email messages that will continue to promote to them your Smart Digital Offer.

You’ll be able to ‘stay in their back pocket’ and this has proven to greatly increase the redemption rate. What makes it convenient is your social offer will be on their phones, therefore they will never lose your Smart Digital Offer.

The smart logic built into Cerebrum Connect knows when your offer has been redeemed and will stop any further messages from going out.

From there, you can also automatically trigger other messages to go out once an offer has been redeemed to motivate further action from your list, such as sharing new promotions, running surveys, building your reviews, and more.

Here’s an example message: “We greatly appreciate your business, and it would mean a lot to us if you would give us your feedback on your experience to help us increase our reviews”.

This works extremely well to build reviews and your reputation.

Once they have provided their feedback or left you a review, Cerebrum Connect can issue another offer to them via both text and email thanking them for leaving a review by saying: “We would love to see you again so, here’s another offer valid for 7 days”.

This is a very effective way to get your customers to come back more often and spend more money!

A lot of times when businesses advertise, it’s not even about how many customers it’s generating. Many businesses blindly spend money just to be remembered and not forgotten about. Top-of-mind awareness is typically their focus. However, what they really want is a way to consistently generate new customers and get their existing customers to come back more often with predictability.

We’re in an age now where being able to offer a touchless marketing experience is what your customers are looking for. Everyone is living on their phone and consumers are receptive to receiving digital offers from their favorite local businesses.

I’ve seen franchises try and attempt to do this on social media, but they have no follow-up system. It’s like throwing money away. It still works. However, it is not as effective as a Smart Digital Offer.

Also, when a business owner is ready to start growing their database, they typically don’t have the proper systems behind it to make it sustainable. It becomes too much busywork, and a business will simply stop doing it, although they know deep down inside that they need it.

It’s easy to procrastinate on this but the cost of NOT doing it is far greater.

In future articles, I’ll teach you how to position these types of offers and how to run the ads. You’ll need to use a social offer as the main incentive for subscribers to join your Exclusive Members Club.

In this article, I’m mainly using a restaurant as a means of illustrating the concept, but keep in mind that these fundamentals can be used in any type of business because ALL businesses need new and returning customers.

So, in this next example, when your business is Exclusive Member Ready, you’ll want to consider a “generous” offer.

Question You Should Ask: “What’s a very generous offer that you can put on a table tent, or on some poster boards, and any other marketing material throughout your business?”

If you’re a restaurant owner, you might say: “Ok, let’s give them a free appetizer…”

For example: “Come into Joe’s Pizza and get 10% off your meal when you join our Exclusive Members Club today!”

This same offer will do well when advertised to people throughout your community who may have never visited your place of business.

This same offer will do well if you have it as the link on your Instagram and your Google My Business as a social post.

That same offer will do well on a simple flyer that your business could put in your retail shopping bags upon checkout or your to-go bags for customers picking up from your restaurant. See where I’m going with this?

These are ways that you can take one social offer and give it life! It can be leveraged in multiple areas and it all feeds into building your list of exclusive customers.

Tip: When people google your business, they will see your social posts, but I’ve observed that many businesses aren’t leveraging social posting on their Google My Business and are therefore missing out on that traffic.


The primary function of an Exclusive Members Club is to build a list of new and existing customers, and then you’re going to market to that list by broadcasting Smart Digital Offers using both text and email.

The double leverage of running a Social Offer Campaign is, when combined with your Exclusive Members Club, you can also put it on marketing flyers, media messaging, and other forms of local advertising, such as radio, television, or transit advertising.

How cool would it be to say on the radio: “Hey! If you’re looking for a taste of New York, try out Nat’s Pizza 🍕The Best Pizza in Vancouver, BC. Sign up for our Exclusive Members Club by texting ‘PIZZA’ to 555–555–5555, and you’ll get an offer for a FREE side of BBQ Wings delivered to your phone immediately!”

When you put advertising behind these customer frequency enhancing plays, it enables your offer to reach more people in your local community. In other words, your ad or boosted post could easily be shown to thousands of people in your local area, which helps you to build your list faster.

This same digital offer can also be advertised to existing fans and followers on your business pages.

A great way to start building your list is to promote how your customers can join your Exclusive Members Club inside of your business using media such as table tents, posters, takeaway cards, flyers, and other forms of your existing marketing materials.

Start by inviting the customers who frequently buy from your business because it always costs more to market to new customers than existing customers.

The moment a new or existing customer enters their information in your signup form, Cerebrum Connect is able to capture the info of each subscriber, and the system can identify which ones came into your place of business and spent money.

When you have direct access to your customers, it gives your business the ability to create revenue on demand, by driving customers back into your business whenever you desire.

Your messages don’t always have to be about social offers, it’s can also be used for general communication and important messages such as: “Hey! End of the month we have a customer appreciation day” or “Hey! We have a new menu item”.

Or a hair salon could say: “Hey, we were completely booked this week, but now we have an opening if you need a hair coloring. Call us now!”

Many clients of ours use Cerebrum Connect as a way to reach their customers faster by sharing content that they share on social media every day such as New menu items, calls for hiring staff, new hours of operation, new products or services, etc.

If you’re a business owner, you know that there’s a difference between “building of a list VS having customers actually come in and buy”.

You’re always going to have more people on a list that raise their hand for your offers than actually come in, but that’s ok!

The fact that you can have this amount of people on a list allows us to do stuff with it and each month you can rinse & repeat this process to increase the value of your list.

See what I’m saying here, over time, your list begins to compound!

What if you had 1,500 people on your list, you can use Cerebrum Connect to implement what we call an “Exclusive Offer Blast”. Let’s take a Pizzeria restaurant for example.

You could say: “Hey NAME! Today only BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) with the purchase of two drinks. Show offer.”

Tip: This works even better when you can personalize your messages with the subscriber’s first name. Cerebrum Connect enables you to do that easily.

This is a text and email that now can go out to all 1,500 people on your list. See what I’m saying? You’re communicating with the customers who already frequently visit your business.

That’s 1,500 customers at your fingertips who are spending money in your business and bringing their family and friends.

If you’re thinking long-term, using Cerebrum Connect helps you plan out your marketing calendar for the year so that you can tell your customers ahead of time what to expect!

You can say: “Hey Everyone, this month we have Offer A, and next month we’ll be doing Offer B!”

When we talk about how to schedule the perfect offers, you can implement new & more customer frequency enhancing plays such as contest giveaway campaigns, survey campaigns, and review campaigns.

Building your list using this principle-based system just makes sense so let’s take this a little bit further because this is super valuable to your bottom line.


Did you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of potential new customers celebrating a birthday EVERY WEEK in your town? We would love to send this traffic to celebrate their Birthday in your place of business.

Birthday Marketing is a method that you can simply set and forget. It helps you quickly get people on your list and helps you to generate immediate customers.

As a business owner, you are faced with many challenges such as: keeping your cash flow going during non-peak hours, increasing repeat business with existing customers, having ongoing visibility and exposure, and generating a consistent flow of new customers.

To accomplish all four objectives typically requires you to advertise in multiple channels which can be very costly with no guarantee of results. You’ll often have to position your business in such a way that breaks through the noise of other competitors so that you get the attention of your potential customer.

That can be tough so let’s work on that.

The Birthday Club Marketing Campaign in Cerebrum Connect gives you the ability to generate daily new customers and increase your sales by upwards of 30%.

It’s really a unique way of marketing that enables your business to become the talk of the town. It’s also one of the best ways to build your business with predictability and consistency.

Unlike most birthday clubs that focus on existing customers, Cerebrum Connect uses a unique system to drive new customers to your business on a daily basis and will continuously follow up with them every year leading up to their next birthday celebration.

Here’s how it works.

Using a unique targeting system, Cerebrum Connect is able to identify thousands of residents local to your business, who are having a birthday within the next 7 days, and who live within a 15–20 mile radius of your business.

You can provide them with an incentive to spend their special day at your business.

Birthday customers are your highest valued customer per transaction as they rarely celebrate alone, and they typically bring groups of people to celebrate with them.

Having a birthday club just makes sense if you want to attract new customers and significantly increase your revenue.

Cerebrum Connect is so effective that we typically only work with a handful of businesses that share the same niche per geographic area. It’s only fair.

Let’s move forward and talk about how contest and giveaway campaigns can be a powerful way to help your business generate more revenue.


Let’s talk about the Contest & Giveaway Campaigns that are built within Cerebrum Connect for a moment. This is where you can structure campaigns for exclusive customers who are already in your database.

Smart Contests & Giveaways are a great way to generate new customers and to generate repeat business through existing customers by advertising your contest on social media (Make sure the link is in your bio 😎)

You can send a text out saying: “Hey! Would you like to win lunch FREE for a whole week just go here!”

Just like that, you can route them through different areas within a text message and an email where you can market to existing customers easily to drum up more engagement and generate more revenue.

When using contests to generate new customers, I recommend structuring your contests as follows: have one grand prize winner, 1 second-place winner, and one 3rd place winner. All winning coupons will automatically expire in 7 days from the end of the contest date and the winners have been notified. Using Cerebrum Connect, you can also motivate the remaining 497 contestants to still have a reason to come into your business by issuing them an offer of lesser value as a reward for participating.

What I would typically do is to advertise a contest for your social offer, targeting the followers of your social media pages, and to the friends of your followers that live within a 15–20 mile radius of your business. This type of targeting works extremely well.

This is a simple and quick way to generate more business ;)


Cerebrum Connect has built-in Survey & Review Request Campaign features that give you the opportunity to gather feedback from both new and existing customers.

You can then leverage that feedback to get a better understanding of what your customers like and don’t like so that you can improve on their overall experience when they’re buying from your business.

Once they have completed your survey you can reward them with a Smart Digital Offer using Cerebrum Connect.

You can also use it to generate reviews on Google, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor and more.

Once a customer has left a review, Cerebrum Connect can issue another offer to them via text and email as a way of showing them your appreciation.

All they have to do to start the process is to follow the link in your text, go to the form and answer the pre-set questions. Once they have finished the survey, the system will automatically send them a reward as a token of your appreciation for them participating in the survey.

It’s incredible how much business you can generate as a result of capturing feedback from your existing customers. With this intel, you can improve on the user experience, to encourage more visits, resulting in an increase in revenues.


The Loyalty Campaign built within Cerebrum Connect allows you to keep track of customer spending, and then based on how much a customer spends in your business, you can reward them with a Smart Digital Offer. You can also reward them based on the number of redemptions of offers that they have claimed.

Cerebrum Connect can keep track of how many offers your customers have claimed. Based on their loyalty as measured by the number of social offers redeemed, the system can be set to automatically reward them with another smart social coupon offer!

In addition, when a customer pays at the register upon checkout, they can ‘check-in’ by scanning a QR Code on a table tent by the register or texting a code, and the system will send them a Smart Digital Offer that will automatically expire in 5 days, to encourage them to revisit your business.

Tracking your customer’s check-ins, is a form of “digital punch card” which eliminates the need for a physical punch card and is very well received in our current contactless society. The way you can use this is by rewarding your customers with another coupon after 10 or so check-ins.

Another spin and this play that I like to use is to structure ‘Tiered Offers’. What that means is that your customers can be rewarded based on milestones achieved.

For example, let’s set a “master goal”, where Cerebrum Connect can track your customers based on a spend of, let’s say, $500.

The moment they spend $500 with you, they’re able to get a generous offer such as a “free haircut” if you’re a hair salon, or “dinner for two” if you’re a restaurant.

Cerebrum Connect can also set a milestone, that when they reach just half their goal, of just $250, you can reward them with let’s say, a lesser reward, such as in the case of a restaurant example: “a free appetizer”.

As you can see, there are a couple of different ways to Engage the Power of a Loyalty Campaign to help you generate more revenue by getting your customers to visit your business more frequently.


The Referral Campaign is used to generate new customers and top-of-mind awareness. You can structure a campaign that incentivizes subscribers to refer your business to their friends and family to get free offers. You can even advertise or promote this to your followers on social media.

In this campaign, every exclusive member or new customer that signs up to be an Exclusive Club Member is equipped with their own unique referral link. When they send this link out to their family, friends, and associates, it will lead to a signup form for them to join your Exclusive Members Club.

Cerebrum Connect will track their referrals and notify them of their progress.

Tip: You can even advertise or promote this to your followers on social media which will drive even more referrals.

Once the new referral signs up, Cerebrum Connect will know that a customer of yours has taken action and referred a person to sign up. Once the exclusive member reaches the desired goal of 10 referrals, the system will automatically send them a text message and email with a link to the reward, for referring the required number of referrals.

There are a lot of cool marketing campaigns that come from using referral marketing and you’re going to quickly see how small incremental numbers will compound over time using all the various plays I’ve laid out in the article.


At this point, regardless of any time you put out a blast, you’ll be making more money. 🤑 Just imagine if you could drive people into your business on any given day and any time you want!

All these plays overlap and once you have them all in place, your marketing strategy will become a force to be reckoned with. You will also have a great deal of autonomy when pivoting your business, if and when needed.

I’m constantly impressed by all of the spin-offs and evolution that these 7 campaign methods yield for my clients, and I feel confident that we’re just at the tip of the iceberg, with how these strategies can help your business to predictably increase revenues.

Let’s review the key benefits and results that you can expect when you implement all the customer acquisition plays, we spoke about in this article:

You’ll now be able to:

  1. Generate new customers.
  2. Get your customers to return more often and spend more money in your business.
  3. Ongoing visibility and top-of-mind awareness in your local market.
  4. Builds your business an ASSET = A exclusive list of customers’ contact information.
  5. Asset continues to grow = Revenue continues to grow over time.

I can’t tell you how many times I see businesses paying at least $500 a month to run local offers and what they don’t get is the ability to grow a list or utilize the smart marketing campaigns I shared with you above.

Businesses that are not using Cerebrum Connect to build an asset for their business, are leaving money on the table.


Cerebrum Connect will automatically do all the heavy lifting for your business. You don’t have to manually track redemptions. Smart Digital Offers are touchless and a feature that will be appreciated by your customers.

You will have the ability to predictably generate revenues on demand. You will also have a fast and convenient communication platform to notify your customers of things that are happening in your business. Cerebrum Connect will encourage your customers to return more often, spend more money and tell their friends and keep your business top of mind.

Cerebrum Connect can deliver to you what every business needs and wants: growth in revenues.

Once again, if you’re a business owner and don’t have the time, knowledge, or resources to build your own customer database, then let my team at Cerebrum Marketing Group take that off your plate with Cerebrum Connect.😉

Want to request a demo? Text ‘CONNECT’ to 778–770–5809 📲


Signing off. This is Garett Campbell-Wilson (aka GCAMWIL). I look forward to sharing more helpful marketing and advertising tips in future articles, videos, and podcasts.

Don’t forget to hit the subscribe and like button and stay tuned for my future articles. It would mean a lot to me if you would spread the love and share this with someone you know who can benefit from reading this.

Thanks for reading! 🙏🏾

Take care of yourselves.

See you in Digi.

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Garett Campbell-Wilson is an artist @gcamwilstudio and digital marketing consultant @cerebrummg sharing thoughts on the creative process, marketing strategies, and smart ways to grow your business.



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